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    Repair Display Problem Of China Phone


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    Repair Display Problem Of China Phone

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:44 am

    Repair Display Problem Of China Phone-

    China Mobile Display Type-
    1. Flex system
    2. Connector/socket system

    Display Problem Come From-
    1. Display Damage/Broken/ Broken Microchip area in display
    2. Flex and parts damage
    3. connector damage on both (pcb and display flex)
    4. wrong software.
    5. Display line broken from display connection to CPU.
    6. CPU internal display section Damage.

    1. Display Damage/Broken/Broken Microchip area in display
    For this type of problem, have no way without display change (every one know it). so just
    change display.
    Display Microchip area on display panel-

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    2. Flex and parts damage
    Sometimes we can see with our won eyes where is broken flex line or any parts.
    but maximum time we can't see it normally. so we try to repair our display, when we confirm
    phone show display problem only for display panel not for any type of pcb defect. can we
    confirm it by replacing a good display on pcb. when we 100% confirm problem only on display
    panale than we can try to repair it. otherwise first fix other problem.

    For this type of problem can you repair flex cable with extra wire, but first need to
    calculate flex cable all line with multimeter. some times line cross flex cable 1 side to
    another side by in flex. so check them. and you try to change this type or parts, see picture-

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    here i mark some parts and only one type of display, other display parts find by your self.

    though possible, change all parts from another display (which is broken but parts is ok)

    3. connector damage on both (pcb and display flex)
    Connector/socket system display create problem from there connector. so check simpaley there
    all line with multimeter and fix them. though need join them with extra wire from direct pcb
    to display. also you can change both socket.

    4. wrong software
    for wrong flash file or software problem we face white screen problem. so take any step before
    do 100% Confirm its not for software problem.

    we maximum time face this problem after flash or format. so after flash or format when a dead
    phone is power on. we can 90% confirm its for wrong version flash file. so first see your
    original flash file version than backup it and next flash phone with this same version
    new/another ok file.

    5. Display line broken from display connection to CPU.
    98% china phone display line going direct cpu and other 2% have display ic. and sometimes
    display line broken or break soldering from cpu to pcb middle point. just cpu bad soldering.
    so can you try to re-hot cpu with your won risk.
    also sometimes pcb internal line broken from cpu to display connection point. so check them
    and fix them. (but do it after changing a good cpu though still display not ok)

    6. CPU internal display section Damage-
    Sometimes phone all section is working ok (without display) but have no display still after
    change a good display (soft ok also) now you need to change must be cpu. because many time i see
    phone all section work ok but have no display, after changing a good display phone is ok
    100%. can anyone question, though its problem from cpu so how phone all section work ok. ans is
    - phone all section work ok because only display area damage internally in cpu but all other
    section have no problem.

    i explain it from my work and experiment. hope it help to you for repair a display of china phone.
    now you can understood you start from where to repair a display. A wrong decision can't give you a success so read it carefully than do with your won risk.

    What a Face
    Thanks to all


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    Re: Repair Display Problem Of China Phone

    Post by mobiper on Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:29 am

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